Dating a mother linux dhcp client not updating dns

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But if your conflicts with your mother seem to go beyond what's normal and into an area that leaves you feeling sad, helpless, or bad about yourself, then the two of you may have a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship is one based around anger, emotional manipulation, and other negative and hurtful feelings, instead of mutual support.

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but only so she can talk about how great she is for having raised you?

Even the most chill relationships between mothers and daughters have their bumps in the road.

It's pretty much impossible to always be on the same page as the people who raised you, especially as you get older.

But if your mother is focused on making sure that everyone pays attention to her, at the expense of showing any interest in you, then you are probably dealing with a toxic relationship.

The real pain of dealing with this kind of toxic mother does not lie in not getting enough attention, but rather in not feeling like your needs or opinions have any worth. Robin Berman wrote in Goop, this kind of toxic mother does "not have empathy for her daughter ...

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