Dating a french man

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It’s just not surprising to date someone who cannot only enjoy a good mojito with you, but doesn’t even flinch when he waves the bartender over to order it.4 | Zee Famous French Accent This goes without saying that whether you’re interested in someone or it’s just your local postman, the rolling z’s on every other word will make you instantly melt.

They make consuming alcohol taste as good as a giant pixy stick at the fair when you were nine and French men have no problem ordering them too.I think you get the picture, PDA is more like private displays of affection in the US and most certainly, an activity reserved for adults.It is really so liberating to date someone who’s been raised in society that is so open and accepting about affection. 3 | No Shame Cocktails Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but men are generally more in touch with their “feminine side” in France meaning certain behaviors that are socially acceptable in France, could be considered emasculating in the US.They recognize the best sides of what France has to offer and also the less appealing sides. And it challenges you to do the same about your home.(cough, cough, US consumerism) 6 | Free & Flawless The French take the old Maybelline slogan, “Maybe she’s born with, or maybbbbbeeee it’s Maybelline,” real seriously. That’s not to say US guys expect you to put your full face on every day, but I’ve heard multiple French guys criticize women for being too made up, but never for not putting in enough effort.

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