Dating a colt trooper mkiii are zach efron and vanessa hudgens still dating

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The Trooper .38 and .357 serial numbers were shared with the .38 Officer’s Model Match and the 357 model.

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The Trooper sold well, but the 357 sales were less than expected due to the introduction in 1955 of the super-premium Python.

Colt factory serial number records of this time show Trooper serial numbers listed under the Officer's Model Match, the Trooper, and the 357 model.

The Colt Trooper is a medium frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for .22, .38, and .357 Magnum caliber cartridges.

The front sight was composed of a large ramp base with a grooved ramp sight blade.

From introduction in 1953 the Trooper used the new Colt Target grip design.

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