Dating a celebrity dream meaning

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"Sex dreams are like the sex that we can have if we're not actually having sex in waking reality,” Kelly says."Our dreams are always helping us to be better versions of ourselves; and sex dreams are right at the heart of that." Here are Kelly's interpretations of some of the most common sex dreams.A stranger in a dream has a face in reality, yet a familiar person in a dream could be no one at all. The mind rearranges its stock of remembered faces and old experiences to create something new.Because of this, the person you feel a sudden rapture of affection for could equally be nobody in particular or someone.Perhaps you think you've known the stranger for years, maybe you think the person you know is someone else entirely.It varies wildly from dream to dream—person to person.So that we can come to peace with that." So don't fret if you've recently had a dream (or recurring dream) about that jerk who broke your heart.

Maybe it was a friend and now you're trying to figure out if you have feelings for them."It is a wonderful opportunity to explore a realm that you've maybe not explored in your waking life for the purpose of you becoming more whole or more awake and more fully yourself." "Dreams of having a sexual encounter in an adventurous place could be a message to see sex, yourself, and your loved one from an out-of-the-box perspective.They may be a prescription from the dream realm to add spice to your relationship, go outside the boundaries of your normal comfort zone, and learn a new trick or two." Even if your boss is icky, having sex with him or her in a dream could actually mean good things for your career."Some people may be having these dreams if they'd ever experienced something similar to these in their waking reality," she says."It can be a dream where you replay an actual traumatic scenario for the purpose of trying to find your way through it psychologically, so that you can feel that you've become so aware that you'll never let that happen to you again." Kelly says it's important to look at a dream literally and symbolically to fully understand its meaning. It could be where you gave your creative power away to somebody." "Remember that dreams are symbolic and not literal," Kelly says.

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