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I always get the following message on Security: There is a problem with your selected data store. For your question, I did not have anything on my App_Data folder. There is a very cool feature in Visual Studio 2005/2008 that does this automatically.This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. This automatically places declarations for all the abstract methods.I'm building a workbook in Excel, but the damn thing won't run. I went to MS Site and followed the instructions to change the Runtime Security Policy, but it still does not work. Using this path, DNN doesn't try to re-write the URL.(By the way if you've been having problems gettin... NET, custom Membership Provider and User I'm rewriting an existing classic ASP app in . The login of the existing app is controlled by an "ASPLogin" COM object from eons ago, but what it boils down to is that we have an existing SQL database with our user login info.

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hi, i'm doing a custom membership provider, starting from odbc microsoft demo, to link a firebird database, trought a little difficult for me, because i'm a delphi programmer not vb !! Except for validating the password strength, it works.

There are many times when the Membership Provider and its underlying database construction aren’t sufficient enough for our needs.

As MSDN states there are two reasons why one would want a custom Membersip Provider: class as well.

As the Pincipal and associated Identity objects are attached to the http context, wouldn't it still be sensible to keep to the 1.x technique of using custom principal and identity objec...custom Membership Provider I have implemented a custom Membership Provider for my SQL and I can validate the user name and password correctlyusing an abtract class that returns the user's IDThis then confirms to the Login page that the user is authenticated e. As a security professional, I see a vital component missing from the debate. Is there any way (I use it for Client Application Services in Windows Forms, so I want the program to validate against my own other words, implement System. In the "login" component we need the user's e-mail, instead of the user's name.

I'm deciding to create a custom Member Ship Provider to add new fields and change login orcreate a table with new fields and use default components to authenticate users, increment some events with necessary instruction. You shouldn'y have to write a custom Membership Provider to do that.

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