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Well, the two girls allegedly got into a fight on Vendettas when Melissa put Kailah on a two person team during the eating challenge making it harder for Kailah to win.The fight then escalate to almost physical (shoving may have been involved) and cast members had to break it up.The argument was highly personal and Diem even considered leaving. Unsure what the argument was about, but it’s believed to be discussing their relationship, how things ended, and CT may have been in a relationship at the time (not that he was dating Diem, this was after all). Jordan and CT too allegedly) threw a ball covered in ketchup at her.

The Davis punch was done out of frustration and straw the broke the camel’s back, but Kenny was really CT’s nemesis here.

So, when the two had hostility during Final Reckoning, it was a long time coming.

The Shane & Nelson pairing on Vendettas was kind of random.

Production tries to edit this season to make it look like CT fought Adam due to some elaborate story with Diem and Shauvon, but CT was angry from the moment he landed in New Zealand.

When Isaac told a joke, CT apparently got really offended and shoved him, trying to him to throw a punch.

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