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She’s likely to say something like “Oh my God you’re right they do I know maybe I should quit going out all the time blah blah blah”–now you have some insight into her character, you’ve learned something about her, and you didn’t have to ask one lame up front question.If one leading question doesn’t do the trick or elicits a dull or negative response, just alter the question to create another lead.The method may sound complicated but at its heart is very simple.2- Some Cold Reading Techniques and Examples The aforementioned Mirroring and Matching is an interesting and almost always successful method of building rapport through a cold reading.

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This is incredibly powerful because it allows you to bring out and frame the parts of her personality you like.

You may use this method already without knowing it–saying terse and playful things to a woman you’ve just met (my old standard is “You and I wouldn’t get along very well”) is a kind of ambiguity read.

The last little trick of cold reading I’ll share is something called “leading”.

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How to Do a Cold Reading – Tips and Techniques Ever wished you had a secret way of building strong rapport with a person? Welcome to your new mojo — it is called “Cold Reading”, and it basically allows you (the aspiring PUA) to build instant rapport with anyone you meet whether you are looking for a friend, a lover, or a new employer. A cold reading is a series of steps you can take almost instantly to alter your tactics and get the girl of your dreams.

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