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Stop using California poppy at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.The appropriate dose of California poppy depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions.California poppy appears to be safe for most people when taken appropriately by mouth for three months or less.There isn't enough information to know if California poppy is safe for longer term use.As of today, not all cities in the US are LGBT-friendly and only a few selected places provide a safe and welcoming community for LGBT residents to live out their golden years.

Still, some are available and can help you to get the care you need.

For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender retirees who are looking for a new living options, there are broad of choices in today's market that are beginning to develop for the LGBT seniors to live freely without fear of discrimination.

You can now find LGBT senior housing, gay senior living communities, gay nursing homes and much more.

California poppy is used for trouble sleeping (insomnia), aches, nervous agitation, bed-wetting in children, and diseases of the bladder and liver. In combination with other herbs, California poppy is used for depression, long-term mental and physical tiredness (neurasthenia), nerve pain, various psychiatric conditions, blood vessel problems, sensitivity to weather changes, and sedation.

People use the parts that grow above the ground for medicine.

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