Cincinnati dating lines is patrick still dating elisa

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The IP address -- I highly doubt comes back to the residence where this person lives.

It’s probably been bounced off so many different servers that by the time it gets to you, you don’t know anything.

Tivin explained why tracking down an online predator is so tough.“We don’t know who the person is, because she’s never met the person," Tivin said. We don’t know if that picture is the person or not.

We don’t know if the identity is the right name of the person.

The man claimed to be in the Philippines when he started to ask Johnson for cash to help him get back to her in the U. The alleged scammer claimed he needed money for supplies and shipping costs.“It was all the same storyline, the same plot line,” Johnson said.

"My heart longs for you."Before Johnson found out he had allegedly scammed her through the site , and that Richard Woody wasn't his real name, she said she had given him tens of thousands of dollars.

Even now, knowing what she knows, Johnson reads the emails affectionately.

Johnson first met the man who calls himself Woody on the dating website Our Time.

The site focuses on people in their 50s and 60s who are looking to connect with other people in their age group.

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