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Clinicians can combat misinformation by giving patients access to websites that are clinically accurate, engaging and offer ways to communicate with experts and other patients about their concerns." From 2013to16, Glanz and his colleagues studied 888 pregnant women in the study.

Kaiser Permanente researchers created a website that presented easy-to-understand information on the risks and benefits of vaccination, recommended vaccination schedules, vaccine ingredients and vaccine laws.

Naturally, you will have many questions: What you should be eating, what vitamins you should be taking and what’s safe for you and your baby.

According to Glanz, the study's results also have implications for when vaccine information is presented to parents.

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Infants of study participants were followed from birth to age 200 days to assess vaccination rates for early childhood vaccines.

Infants of parents in the VSM arm were about twice as likely to be up-to-date on all recommended infant vaccines than infants in the UC arm.

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