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Home to abundant species of flora and fauna, Jungle Park Tenerife gives you a peek into wonderful creatures that will undoubtedly amaze you.

Here, deep secrets lie about your beloved animals and plants which you can easily discover when you explore beyond the thick lush of forests.

These creatures are a remarkable sight with their black and white fur and piercing gaze.

Other noteworthy primates are the capuchin monkey, and titi monkey.

At Tenerife, you don't need to visit an actual jungle just to discover and observe various creatures.Las Aquilas Jungle Park brings you closer to over 500 animals and the beauty of nature which wonderfully showcases Tenerife's incredible system of flora and fauna.If you're looking to explore and discover the beauty of the wilderness, join our Jungle Park Tenerife tour and enjoy an unforgettable and educational journey.For a unique experience, don't miss the park's penguins.The Humboldt penguins are fed every pm, which is a fun moment you should definitely catch.

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