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This meme about Brown is an exercise in sincerity versus absurdity.Brown seems like a such a sweet, honest young girl, which is why contrasting her image with such heinous statements evokes a reaction.What drives the joke further is the trollish response of asking for proof of this nonsense story and then @Kelsfiona responding with an obviously fake image: it's time to share my story.

The clear falseness of the meme, the fact that it is an obvious exercise in absurdity, makes it possible to compartmentalize the joke of a homophobic Millie Bobby Brown from the actual Millie Bobby Brown.Each reaction to the irony moves the goalposts a little bit each time, to the point that it can become hard to know what field you’re playing on.And as much as I’d like to believe that these Brown memes would never get to that place, the internet has unfortunately shown itself to be more than capable of becoming the worst version of itself when given a chance.But what people don’t believe doesn’t really matter, as Millie Bobby Brown, the 14-year-old star of Netflix’s deactivated her Twitter account this week, reportedly in response to assertions like these.These claims are part of the #Take Down Millie Bobby Brown meme, which consists of low-effort pictures — usually screengrabs from Brown’s Snapchat — pasted over with absurdly homophobic statements.

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