Black gay online dating

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International opera singer Ray Chenez will perform two exclusive Broadway-themed shows in Pretoria on 16 and 17 August.

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The glitzy annual event will also honour recently retired Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron.

Recognising intersex people opens access to fundamental rights in Kenya: Kenya has become the first country in Africa to collect data on intersex people in its national census.

I decided it was because I am black — even more so, Jamaican, which meant many people apparently view me as "exotic." I had never experienced being objectified, and soon I began to battle with the thought of whether this was in fact racism or racial profiling.

So I decided to give these hookup apps a chance, in order to do some research on whether these men who had been so kind as to share their dearest fantasies of me would also actually be interested in going out for a meal or, furthermore, embarking on an actual relationship.

Within a month of using the apps, I realized that being black might not be so easy here, and I interpreted my landlord's comment about me not being an "average immigrant" to mean, "You're not average, negro." I began considering deleting all these apps, which meant saying good-bye to the popular "AMO NERI" (I love blacks) profile titles and the "sex for money" offers I would get every so often.

Home Affairs looking at single marriage law in SA: The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, will host a dialogue on the development of a new single marriage law for all South Africans, regardless of sexual orientation or culture.

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As plain as it was, I still found it hard to label these blatant acts as racism, since the people committing them were likely doing so unintentionally. That was my a-ha moment — there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

I began questioning every aspect of my being: Am I too gay? Does the ignorance of these men make their racial profiling any more permissible or acceptable? We are not your fetishes, we are not your sex toys, we are not your negroes, and if you are turned on by someone only because of the color of their skin, or any racial attributes, but can't see them as your ideal partner in any case, you're probably being racist. And if you're a minority, know this: Someone who says they are interested in you should be just as comfortable with the idea of joining you for a meal before or after your hookup session.

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