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If you think they’re unnatural now, you haven’t the faintest idea! Yes, blue kryptonite can reverse the unpredictable effects of red kryptonite.

That is why we store it right next to the red kryptonite! It does quite the opposite for any member of the Bizarro family.

Instead of David and Goliath, African America is the story of the petite Angela hopefully and hopelessly fighting off the giant John from 1619 to 2019 for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

She was, perhaps, the beginning of hope, the North Star essential to anti-racism.

While we are aware of certain affects, others are elusive.Yes indeed, because without the barrier, we all might be a feeling a bit weak as we approach the Anti-Kryptonite.Anti-Kryptonite is actually harmless to all Kryptonians, despite its similar appearance. I’d say that you’d be a fool to forget how absolutely and terrifyingly deadly that Anti-Kryptonite is to humans.In fact, I don’t believe that it would harm any person at all. So we recommend not juggling any white kryptonite any time soon!Here at the Super Museum, we are eternally grateful for the high tech glass that we have between us and the exhibits.

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