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It usually takes 3 dates with Ukrainian women to get laid, if you are lucky you might get it in two, if you are really lucky you might get it in 1. If she is agreeing to go out on a second or third date that means she does have some interest and things are progressing well for you.The biggest factor when it comes to trying to hook up will be that you probably speak different languages.That Youtube video we just posted shows what type of sexy ladies you can find at the beaches in this country during the summer.They don’t get nice weather for too many months in these parts so they will be out and about when they have it.Other good day game options are the Shevchenko Park which is located right next to a big university.Girls will hang out here between classes, and the more educated girls will be more comfortable chatting up foreign men since they likely know more English.Don’t expect too much success picking up women in malls or on the street here, but its not impossible.If you know some Russian that will help you a lot, especially when you visit other cities like Lviv.

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However don’t expect to go out and hook up each night.

Like an afternoon coffee date with little to no hopes for actually scoring that time, but again getting 1 of the no score dates out of the way quickly.

A great place to go out and pick up girls in the Kiev nightlife will be Arena City where there are many good bars and clubs.

This wasn’t one of the mail order bride capitols of the world for nothing.

Now that more people are traveling than ever before many foreign men wonder where to meet single girls in Kiev, Ukraine for casual sex or a serious relationship.

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