Audry and dating

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She ended the affair on the spot.”But Holden refused to give up on Hepburn.Desperate to win her back he hatched a perverse plan to make her jealous by having a series of public affairs.“I set out around the world with the idea of [having] a woman in every country I visited,” he said.Yet disaster loomed with Holden’s belated confession.“He told her that the one thing, the only thing they could not have together was children,” says Epstein.“She stood looking at him like a hurt, bewildered child as he explained that he’d had a vasectomy years earlier.Hepburn found Holden “the most handsome man I’ve ever met” and they were soon inseparable meeting secretly in his dressing room, at picnics and private dinners. But at 44 Holden was 11 years her senior, married with three children and a legendary drinking problem.Holden proposed marriage and promised to divorce his wife, while Hepburn desperately craved children.“She told him she wanted three, maybe four, and would retire from the screen to raise them,” says Epstein.

But Hepburn was prepared to throw it all away and be branded a homewrecker if Oscar-winner Holden would leave his wife and marry her.“Audrey was the love of my life,” confessed Holden, whose own films included Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17. She wanted to get married.”The secret affair, which proved the romantic highlight of both stars’ lives, has been detailed for the first time in new book Audrey And Bill.I’m looking for something serious and I’m ready to move to the next chapter in my life where I’m a wife and a mom and to experience other things than what I’ve been doing my entire career.He knows that and we made sure that’s the page we were both on in the beginning.”At the time, Pauly agreed with O’Day, saying, “We’re looking forward to the next steps,” Pauly agrees.A source told the news outlet that the alleged affair started at the end of 2011 and continued through March 2012. and Vanessa eventually reconciled, she filed for divorce from him earlier this week, after twelve years together.In a statement, the couple said, “After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways.

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