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Or, worse, how they got ripped off in Russia or Ukraine by some girl they fell in love with after seeing her once or twice.And then curse the world how all Russian and Ukrainian women are “transactional.”As someone who is originally from Ukraine and has lived in Ukraine for the past five years, I find these stories amusing. But, as hopefully, you’ve learned from a very young age: there’s no free lunch.All compounded by the fact that you’re insecure as heck and were conditioned by a feminized Western society to be “in touch with your feelings” and other crap. I haven’t heard of any guy whose woman dumped him because he was “too masculine” or because his masculine frame was super strong.I also don’t know any guy whose woman left him for a man who was “in touch with his feminine side.” And, I certainly don’t know any man whose woman dumped him because he was so busy with his work that he barely had time to see her instead of some chump who did nothing but worship the ground she walked on. You’re the problem because everything you’ve ever been thought about masculinity was wrong.

But then, I get hundreds of emails from guys who complain how Russian or Ukrainian women—probably the epitome of feminine women—are bitchy, icy and just not as easy as they thought as they run back home with their tail between their legs.Armchair Advice has a job loss section that provides information on your rights in employment and if you are dismissed.It has useful tips on how to cope with the emotional stress and financial pressure that redundancy can bring.It addresses the three most stressful situations people are involved in: job loss, relationship breakdown and bereavement.The site contains loads of essential information, common sense and advice.

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