Amputee women dating

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As a child, her teachers told her she wouldn't be able to participate in gym class.

As a teenager, coaches told her she wouldn't make the basketball team — how could she dribble or shoot baskets without two hands?

We can not control life, but we can control ourselves, our confidence and sense of purpose.

Paola`s profile in Instagram totals nearly 800 thousand subscribers whose understanding and support have allowed she to achieve improbable popularity.

Chiara took the third place in the final of the competition "Ms. In Facebook she not only was supported, but also criticized – many users told that it reached the final only because of her leg.

Chiara directly and boldly answered ill-wishers: "I do not have a leg, but you do not have a heart and brain".

"And she told me, 'There's no way you're going to be a model because you don't have two arms.' I tried to explain — I have a prosthesis, I can wear that — really trying to sell it." But she was still rejected.

That day, about 10 years ago, Ayers decided to take action.

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