American pottery dinnerware design dating

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However, with the end of the war, Americans began importing foreign dinnerware again.The new era also brought in some new styles, bright colors and geometric shapes.We fell in love with Eunbi Cho‘s unexpected designs at Giorgi Porgi, a sleek coffee shop tucked away in DTLA that commissioned Cho to create its gravity-defying coffee mugs.The Korean artist’s tagline—”Made For Play”—is a fitting description for her fun, functional pieces that can pretty much double as fidget toys.You may have had a bite off one of their plates at P. Indulge your senses and stir your imagination with artistic delights around every corner of our century-old barn in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania.

His mugs are instantly recognizable, usually featuring bold, clean shapes and exotic handles glazed in neutral or dark tones.Ultimately, she decided to make the hobby her full-time profession.Sneed launched her e-shop, Tactile Matter, in 2012 and quickly gained a loyal following, even catching the attention of Solange, who commissioned the artist to create an exclusive ceramics line for Saint Heron Store.But for the rest of us who have to find our antiques at garage sales and thrift stores, being armed with as much knowledge about the past as possible helps us to identify just how old that deviled egg pan really is.First we need to think about the actual usage of the dinnerware piece.

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