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"Take everything at a snail's pace early on," advises Tony Moore, relationship counsellor with Relationships Ireland. As well as getting over the usual issues in a new relationship, like when to start talking about moving in, when to meet their families etc, this is yet another milestone that you have to reach. How difficult is it for someone who has children, yet has found themselves single again, to get into the dating scene? A friend of mine, Niamh*, met her current partner when her oldest daughter was about two years old.

She met him on a night out, and as they struck up a friendship first, he knew about her daughter from the beginning.

And dating someone who has children already means that, naturally enough, you will always take second place to them, rightly so.

And if you're a parent you're going to be extra cautious about who's appropriate to be around your child - concerns you wouldn't have if you were footloose and fancy free.

"As their focus is the well-being of their child, a parent must consider not just him or herself, but also their child and their child's other parent in addition to their new partner".

It sounds heartless, but at the beginning of a fledgling relationship, the slightest thing can turn someone off.

And, at the time, I didn't have the maturity or perspective to deal with it.

Claire would agree that it can be difficult when it comes to dating someone who is constantly involved with their ex, especially if they don't have a great relationship.

Unlike other romances, dating someone who has children will more than likely invariably involve their ex."Children may worry that a new person could replace them in your life or replace their other parent in theirs," warns Geraldine Kelly, One Family's Director of Children and Parenting Services."Certainly, people who have children will have additional considerations when establishing a new relationship," Kelly goes on to advise."I was a bit wary at the start because I don't have kids and I'm not the biggest kid person really. When I had never met his daughter, I didn't know what kind of a relationship they had.You hear all these stories of kids hating their parent's partners and being jealous, so I was apprehensive, but thankfully it hasn't been an issue." Claire seems to be lucky in this respect as, often, children can resent or be suspicious of a new partner.

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