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He’d happened to chip into a mountain and found a stylemys (similar in appearance to an outsized Galápagos tortoise), which lived about the same time as my rhino.

In the Eocene Epoch, which lasted roughly from 55 million to 34 million years ago, this area looked similar to the African habitats where rhinos currently live. Walking through the mountains required good balance and paying attention to each step.

The state and its fossils have a unique, constantly evolving relationship, thanks in part to modern-day discoveries made on public digs.

Most of the excursions are free, except for a refundable deposit. Barnes and Jeff Person, also discovered several small creatures they had never seen before at this site, mainly types of fish and oreodonts (“walking food,” as Ms.On a blisteringly hot June day in the North Dakota Badlands, there are very few signs of life outside of birds, snakes and wandering livestock.The landscape is tall, stark and punishing, with loose rocks to trip you and serrated cliffs to cut you when you fall.Conical peaks rise from the ground, each striated layer full of potential discovery.This was once a land of savannas and plains, with rivers and lakes.

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