Access wii shop channel without updating Quick adult chatlines

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The latter two could be purchased by either buying a points card at a retail store, or by entering your credit card into the channel.

On January 31, 2019, the Wii Shop Channel was shut down, sadly.

However, only perform this if you absolutely want the newer features.

Ensure you made this backup with the latest version of Boot Mii or it is useless. The Homebrew Channel may have been deleted if it was old and if so will need to be reinstalled.Boot Mii as boot2 may have been removed and must be reinstalled.You can solve this issue by either reinstalling d2x and Hermes' IOS222/223 using the new installation slots currently listed in the tutorial, which are not checked by Nintendo's current update procedure, or follow the steps to Avoid Disc Updates. And it is also possible to regain access to the current Wii Shop without updating the rest of the firmware. Having and using the homebrew discussed in this guide installed will neither increase nor decrease your chance of bricking via update. See the questions below to figure out what needs to be reinstalled.Go to the Wii Settings page and the version number will be listed at the top right (e.g., 4.1U is a US system with firmware version 4.1). In fact, it makes it a little harder to install homebrew. The official update used to seem unsafe, but this isn't an issue any more.

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