2 leos dating code for validating email in php

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It’s quite hard to get noticed by a Leo because they are constantly surrounded by people.But if you compliment them about something inspiring that they said or did, and then follow it up with a casual invitation for a cup of coffee, you will definitely score yourself a date!

They will love to see the video footage as soon as you reach the summit, so make sure that they have the best shots!They all have a positive and upbeat outlook when it comes to life and love.They have the same approach to resolving conflicts and at creating the life they want in the future.If you don’t have a good date idea in mind, try to think about places you can go to or activities that you can do that will put the limelight on that special Leo in your life.They love taking the stage and having all eyes on them, after all! Even a live magic show where they can volunteer to get inside the box that will be split in half with a chainsaw sounds great.

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