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Meanwhile, a violent dating history (TDV sexual perpetration, sexual victimization, and emotional perpetration) and acceptance of TDV incrementally improved our models for forecasting sexual forms of perpetration (net reclassification improvement = 0.41; 95% CI = 0.24–0.58).These models adequately discriminated between future perpetrators and nonoffenders (area under the curve statistic CONCLUSIONS: Our study represents one of the first applications of reclassification analyses to psychosocial research in a pediatric population.and there are no studies in which they have been used within the context of TDV.With our study we aimed to create the first algorithms for physical and sexual TDV perpetration.Our study was diverse with regard to sex (56% female), ethnicity and race (31% Hispanic; 29% African American; 28% white), and socioeconomic status (eg, 48% had a caregiver who graduated college).Retention rates from wave 1 were the following: wave 2: 92.5%; wave 3: 85.8%; wave 4: 74.5%; wave 5: 67.0%; and wave 6: 72.7%.Once students were no longer attending high school, all measures were completed over the Internet.Participants were compensated with a gift certificate at waves 1, 2, and 3; at waves 4 and 5; and at wave 6.

To date, ∼50 risk factors for TDV perpetration have been identified.Although these studies reveal domains of risk associated with TDV perpetration, it is challenging to translate these findings into a preventive framework.It may be that more proximal risk factors attenuate the longitudinal effect of more distal risk factors), making it difficult to know which proximal risk factors to target in screening initiatives for TDV perpetration.An important priority for researchers with this agenda is to identify individuals who are at greatest risk to perpetrate TDV.An impressive response by the research community to these initiatives has resulted in the identification of 53 correlated liabilities for prospective TDV perpetration.

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